What Will Happen?

The person you speak to will take your concerns very seriously and refer your case to a social worker trained in child or adult protection who will contact you. Whatever you say will be treated in confidence. The social worker will check whether the family is known to the service already and will discuss the case with a manager.

Enquires often begin by asking other people in contact with the child or  adult such as teachers, health visitors or doctors, to see if they have any concerns about the child / adult. In most cases there will be a discussion between the social worker, the parents / carers and the child or adult. Sometimes it soon becomes clear that there is nothing to worry about, but if concern remains about the welfare of the child / adult, the formal procedures will begin immediately. This work is highly confidential, you may not be kept informed as the enquiry continues, but your alertness will have been the important first step in protecting the child or adult.