• The death of any child is a tragedy. It is vital that all child deaths are carefully reviewed. This is so that we may learn as much as possible from them, to try to prevent future deaths, and to support families.

Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP)

The reviewing of child deaths became mandatory for Local safeguarding Children Boards (LCSBs) in England on 1st April 2008.  The purpose of the process is to try to understand why children die and then put in place interventions to protect other children and prevent future deaths wherever possible.

The four LSCBs across the Cheshire area have joined together to form a Pan Cheshire Child Death Overview Panel (CDOP).  The panel has an independent chair, Hayley Frame, and is administered by Cheshire East LSCB on behalf of all four Cheshire LSCBs.

The Pan Cheshire CDOP is responsible for the review of all deaths of children and young people from 0-18 years of age expected or unexpected; this includes perinatal and neonatal deaths (i.e. any infant who was registered as a live birth) and would normally reside within the LA area.  Reviews of deaths below 22 weeks gestation or following a planned termination under the abortion Act 1967 will not be carried out.

The deaths of all babies/children under 18 years who are normally resident in Warrington, regardless of where the death took place, should be notified.  Deaths of children not normally resident in the Warrington area and who die here should also be notified.   Information should be sent to

This information will be passed onto the relevant CDOP representative who will then coordinate the information.

Additional information, protocols and forms can be accessed via the below link to the Cheshire East LSCB website