Holding regular children in need meetings provides a regular forum for parent and carer to get together, along with any other professionals in order to discuss the safety and welfare of the child.

The social worker who is allocated to visit the child is available, on request, to provide any other support or advice.

There may, in certain cases, be financial help available through ‘Section 17′ assistance for children deemed to be ‘in need.’ (Section 17 refers to the part of the Children Act which provides for such assistance, which may include a range of support services or, exceptionally, cash.)

The parent, or the young person who has chosen to leave home, may ask for help to negotiate an early return.

Carers may be able to claim social security benefits such as Child Benefit and possibly Income Support or Job Seekers Allowance if in receipt of Child Benefit.

Enquiries should be made to the carers’ local Benefits Agency Office.