Responsibilities of birth parents

If the prospective carer has not already done so, a parent must advise the local council of the private fostering arrangement six weeks before it is due to start. If this is not possible, this must be done within 48 hours of the child’s arrival.

Parents retain parental responsibility, but a social worker is available for help and advice. Initially this is to provide information from checks so that the parent knows that individuals are safe, and their home suitable.

It is for the parent to provide the prospective carer with as much information about the child as possible, including health records, dietary preferences, school records, hobbies, religion and ethnicity.

If a parent changes their address, they must notify the social worker within 48 hours.

The parent must notify the social worker when a child leaves the private foster care (unless they are returning within 28 days), stating why and giving the name and address of the person into whose care the child has been moved.