Online or esafety

Online or esafety

There is no doubt that computers and the internet are a major part of a many of people’s professional and personal lives and especially our children and young people.

We have seen a rapid advancement in the development of computers shrinking the size into smartphones increasing the storage capacity and the emergence ‘webcam’ technology. We have also seen the rapid development of better computer communicating systems and platforms as well as a massive growth in software programs availability

Although the internet has brought many benefits to us all including our children and young people and is becoming an increasing part of our culture, offering many positive social and educational benefits with children and young people doing their schoolwork online, playing games and networking with their friends, the internet does also present risks of abuse and exploitation.

It can be very difficult for parents and cares to know what to do in relation to keeping your child safe online. The first step is to get yourself up to date with knowledge about the internet, gaming and social media. There are a number of agencies and organisations who offer help and advice to parents and cares and young people themselves, including:

NSPCC – Online safety

Helpful advice and tools that can be used to help keep children safe whenever and wherever they go online.


NSPCC has developed guidance on speaking to children who may be at risk by sharing inappropriate pictures of themselves online.  The guidance discusses the dangers and legalities surrounding this and empowers them to say ‘no’.  To access the guide follow the link below:

NSPCC / O2 – Net-aware

NSPCC / O2 – Net-aware provides you with an up to date summary and commentary of the latest sites children are using

There are many sites that will help you make informed decisions together and give you evidence as to why you are concerned.


ThinkUKnow is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection ( CEOP) Command’s education programme which provides resources, training and support for parents and cares and children and young people themselves.

Parent Info

Parent Info is a collaboration between Parent Zone and CEOP , a command of the National Crime Agency and provides the latest information for parents on internet safety.

Finally,  is it not better to sit with your child and talk to them about what they want to do on line, to look with them at the advice and reviews given for the various apps and then discuss the pros and cons together.  If you simply say NO they may still go and access them without you knowing .  The problem then comes when something goes wrong or they view something they are not happy with – The question would then be “Will they come to you for help? “