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This section contains links to free external eLearning courses. Warrington Safeguarding Children Board is not responsible for the content of these courses but does everything to ensure  that they are suitable. If you have any concerns please contact WSCB via the ‘contact us’ section of this website. Thank you.

eLearning courses:

‘Human Trafficking’.

A free eLearning course on Human Trafficking provided by  Salvation Army

Click on the link below to access this course

‘In Your Hands – Safeguarding Child Victims of Trafficking’ provided by ECPAT UK


The Home Office has launched a free online training package dealing with female genital mutilation (FGM), developed with Virtual College.

To access this FREE elearning please click on the the link below:

Children of Prisoners

There are an estimated 200,000+ children in England and Wales who have a parent or carer in prison. Often described as the ‘innocent victim’ they risk isolation, stigma, poverty and family breakdown – unable to talk about their situation because they are scared of being bullied and judged. This eLearning programme offers an introduction to the experience that children of prisoners share and the social and emotional impact of parental imprisonment on a child. This eLearning programme is offered by SCIE ( social care institute for excellence).

Child Sexual Exploitation

Parents Against Child Sexual Exploitation (Pace) and the Safeguarding Children e-Academy have teamed up to provide this short (20-30mins) online course.

To access your free course simply click on the link below enter your details where prompted and you will be emailed your login details.

Forced Marriage

A free online course on Awareness of Forced Marriage which has been developed for the Foreign Office by Virtual College. Click on the link below then click on the ‘Register for Training’ button and enter your details where prompted and you will be emailed your login details.

Radicalisation and Extremism

The National Centre for Applied Learning Technologies (NCALT) is a collaboration between the College of Policing (The College) and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). NCALT have produced a Channel e learning course which will allow you can recognise the signs of radicalisation and know what to do about it.

Home Office Prevent Online Training Resource

The Home Office have produced an Prevent Online Training Resource.