Who do you live with?

Do you live at home with your mum and dad, or do you live with a friend in his or her house?

Do your mum and dad live in another country but you live here so that you can go to school in this country?

Does your dad work away? Do you live in the house with your dad’s girlfriend whilst your dad is away at work?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions and you live with someone who is not a close relative of yours then you might be living in what is called a ‘private fostering’ arrangement.

The law says that the council must be told about every child or young person who is being privately fostered so that the council can check that children are being properly looked after.
To learn more about what it means, go to www.privatefostering.com
If you are not sure whether the council know (and a social worker would have visited you to check that you are okay about the arrangement), then send an email to: childreferral@warington.gov.uk

Or to talk to a social worker, phone 01925 443400